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All Local Storage (ALSA) is the top rated provider of storage unit auction lists for your choice of Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Idaho or any combination thereof.  And, we're the only company that truly deliver as advertised.  Every month we email you detailed and continually updated information for several hundred local storage unit auctions.

Puget Sound Storage Auctions is now All Local Storage Auctions.

What People Are Saying:

“...we had inadvertently signed up with 2 auction listings with mostly duplicate information; ALSA and 'StorageUnitAuctionList com'. I canceled the other one because your service (ALSA) is much better. Thank you.” Barbara M. ALSA Client

"I found only one other company that provides a storage auction list for Washington. They provide lists nationwide but you are definitely better. You provide many auctions every month that they miss. Keep up the good work." Todd R. ALSA Client

“It is funny (at auctions) I see your print out in different cars there so a lot of the people use your web site. I never have seen any other sites that the auction people around here use so very cool.  I started subscribing to your auctions to see which ones I could go to that were not on your list. Every month I get excited when I think you missed one... you never do.  Great job by the way.”  Allyson R. ALSA Client

“As for the effectiveness of your list I love it. I paid $310 dollars for my first unit last week in Enumclaw and when all is said and done, I will sell the items for a profit of 500 to 600 dollars.  Anyways I’m looking forward to renewing next month for the first time.”  Scott P. ALSA Client

 “NO WAY! Really!!??!!  I was shocked to see Ronnie's cell phone number in my welcome email.  I had a question so I called.  You not only answered my call on a Saturday, you talked with me for fifteen minutes all about auction stuff.  Who does that? THANK YOU Ronnie.”  Randy H.  ALSA Client

“This service is awesome, and I love your enthusiasm!  Keep it up.”  Delores F.  ALSA Client

"Thank you.  You provide a wonderful service."  Troy R. ALSA Client

“You are a great help to those of us that do this for a living.”  Mike B.  ALSA Client

“Your company offered exactly what I was looking for and at a reasonable price.”  Chuck K.  ALSA Client

"You're awesome. Thanks for the personal attention.  I don’t know about most people, but I really do not have the time to be doing all the searching that you do, everyone’s time is valuable, some just do not realize that part.  The fee for all your work is a bargain.  Keep up the great work and many thanks for all you do here."  Jenette B.  ALSA Client

"When I got one of your updates about an auction close to me I went to check it out, I had never been to a storage auction so I wanted to see how it went. I ended up buying the 1st unit at the auction for $105. Long story short, I have sold about $500 worth of item out of that locker and when it is all said and done I should make about $900-1000 out of it. Thanks."  Mike S.   ALSA Client

100% Money Back Guarantee! We offer a 100% money back guarantee. There is no fine print to our guarantee. Our 100% money back guarantee is: "If you're a subscribing client (with a current paid account) for three consecutive months and you are dissatisfied with the information you've received, all you have to do is tell us why you are dissatisfied and provide us with proof that you attended at least one-third of the auctions we alerted you to, for said three month period, and we will send you a complete refund for the previous paid three months. Yes, it's just that simple.

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