Ronnie, you have been the best. You've understood when I had trouble and always worked with me. I pray your foundation does great and I'm so sorry you lost your friend. Michael and I will always think of you fondly. If you are ever in need, call, we will do what we can. Thank you so much for everything. Bless you my friend.

Julie B.  

For the last several years I have had the pleasure of providing this service to Puget Sound Storage Auctions and ALSA clients. It is now time to move on.

Inspired by my lifelong friend, Jock Kerr, that recently passed away from A.L.S., I have founded  HOTT is a charitable foundation that helps often overlooked non-profits and individuals in need. I will be devoting all my attention to building the HOTT Foundation.

I sincerely wish all of you good health and happiness for 2017 and beyond.

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