The Truth About Storage Auctions:

"To become a truly successful storage auction buyer, you must first find all the storage auctions in your area.  That may sound easy but if it were so easy everyone would be doing it.  Unfortunately, there are only a select few places to find such detailed and up to date information.  Most professional auction buyers keep such information close to the vest.  They do this because, for many, these auctions are not a hobby, they are a full-time job.  Most professional auction buyers will do what they can to keep newcomers out of the business.  Because of this, there are not many credible places to find storage auction information.  You can spend hours reading through legal notices in your local newspaper only to find a tiny fraction of storage auctions near you.  You can call local storage companies and ask them if and when they have an upcoming auction.  This is very time consuming, and because of the current popularity of TV shows about the huge profits to be made with storage auctions, and if you're able to reach an actual person instead of voice mail, you will probably be just another caller to hear, "We are not accepting any new people to our list".  Don't hold your breath newbie.  Your best bet is to spend a few bucks to receive the information you seek from a company that does all the tedious and difficult research for you.  It's a very small investment relative to the amount of time you'll have available to attend the many storage auctions in your local area.  Be smart!  Time is money!  You’re very likely to recoup your entire yearly investment for such "inside information" after you've bought and sold your first storage unit."  
Randy T. 25 year veteran storage unit buyer 

Q.) What is ALSA (All Local Storage Auctions)?
A.) ALSA Is The Insider’s Where, When & How To All Washington State Storage Auctions.  Sit back and relax.  ALSA emails our clients detailed and continually updated information on more than 500 local storage unit auctions every month.

Q.) What can ALSA do for me?
A.) Unless you are serious about becoming a successful storage auction buyer, there is very little ALSA can do for you.  ALSA provides the inside information and tools for you to become a true professional in this business, and you can make a lot of money.  You never know.  You may be the next person to buy a storage unit and find its contents to be worth several hundred thousand dollars.  Ultimately your success is up to you. 

Q.) Can I find storage unit auction information on my own?
A.) Yes - But you will have to gather all the contact information and build a relationship with approximately 800 storage companies in Washington State.  And then you'll have to make sure you keep accurate and up-to-date information every week.  Consider this.  You could change your own oil.  But isn't it much easier, and a huge time saver, to pay a professional a few dollars to do it for you?  That's why we're here.  What's a few dollars a month for insider information that can potentially mean tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars income for you?

Q.) What makes ALSA unique?
A.) 1.  We are the only company to provide such detailed and accurate storage auction information for Washington State.
2.  Customer Service.  The fact is we have one “competitor” and they provide nationwide information.  We admit to subscribing to their list to insure we provide more auctions and more detailed information, delivered to your email inbox every month.  We even email them a question once each month (their only means of “customer service”) and we have never, not once, received a response.  That is NOT customer service.
3.  We are a local company based in Federal Way.
4.  We proudly offer a 100% money back guarantee.  See details below.

Q.) Does ALSA offer a money back guarantee?
A.) Yes, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  There is no fine print to our guarantee.  Our 100% money back guarantee is: "If you're a subscribing client (with a current paid account) for three consecutive months and you are dissatisfied with the information you received, all you have to do is tell us why you are dissatisfied and provide us with proof that you attended at least 10% of the auctions we provided you for said three month period and we will send you a complete refund for the previous paid three months.  Yes, it's just that simple.

Q.) Does ALSA Really Cover All Storage Unit Auctions In Washington State?
A.) Working with almost 800 storage unit companies, we do our best to provide you with all the auctions in Washington, every month.  The reality is we may not be able to achieve "all", meaning an actual 100%.  However, we will do our best to get as close as we can.

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